Day: January 6, 2008

Scattegories – Bloggity Style

Jill over at The Diaper Diaries shared this post on her blog and she got it from Shalee’s Diner who’s playing a little Scattegories. I figure this should help with your Blog365 and thought it would be fun so I hope you play along.

Here’s how you play. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following categories. They have to be real places, names, things…nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same first initial. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question. Here goes nothing.

What is your name? Briggitte (or Briggie, I answer to both, and a few others too!)

4 letter word: Bark

Vehicle: BMW (but I’d much rather have a 1967 Cherry Red Mustang with a black rag top!)

City: Baltimore (where I was born!)

Boy Name: Brandon

Girl Name: Bernadette (which people seem to think is my name)

Occupation: Barrister (fancy name for a lawyer)

Something you wear: Bra (or do I?)

Celebrity: Barbra (no need for her last name, her first name says it all!)

Food: Beef (rib eye, sirloin, porterhouse, ny strip, filet mignon – get the idea??)

Something found in a bathroom: Blow-dryer (i was gonna say buck naked booties – but some people might get offended…)

Reason for Being Late: Boredom (can you think of a better reason?)

Cartoon Character: Blondie (from comic strip Dagwood and Blondie – boy am I getting old!)

Something You Shout: Boy, you better get your butt over here now or I’m gonna slap the stupid out of you! (picture me shouting this at my 26 year old son…)

Want to play along? Let me know if you are playing along by leaving me a comment so I can come check yours out. If you don’t have a blog, just play along in the comments.

A New Blog and $100 Giveaway


Phil Van Treuren from Romance Tracker has just let me know about his new blog called Wedding Idea Source and to launch the sister site they’re giving you a chance to win $100!  It’s easy to enter, all you have to do is link their site to yours either by post, sidebar link or RSS and here’s the cool part, if you sign up for RSS and blog about them you’ll get 2 entries so what are you waiting for?  Click here to enter!  I’m not sure what the deadline is, so hurry up and head on over today!

How Addicted Are You?


I subscribe via email to Kailani’s blog An Island Life and she has a post about being addicted to blogging.  I decided to take the challenge because personally I don’t think I’m an addict.  I mean, I can take it or leave it, I can quit at anytime, I only do it for the fun of it…Hmmmm, sounds an awful lot like things an addict would say if you ask me… Anyway, I went to Just Say Hi and took the survey and they said I was 70% addicted to blogging.  WHAT, NO WAY, THERE MUST BE SOME KIND OF MISTAKE!!!  Okay, okay, I’m in denial but considering Kailani is a bigger addict than me, (she’s 82% addicted) and I bet there are even bigger addicts out there, I think I can live with this “problem” because frankly I don’t see the need to break this addiction, but I will kick the habit – – – into high gear that is!!!!  FYI – I tried to paste the html code for the badge you see above, but I had to save the badge as a background, then go into Paint and add my percentage because WordPress doesn’t seem to like the code Just Say Hi has.  So not only am I addicted to blogging, I’m a computer nerd too!  There, I’m saying it loud and I’m saying proud!!!  Get your PC on and BLOG ON FELLOW BLOGGERS!!!

Sunny Sunday

It’s Sunday and both the Son and sun are shining down upon me.  Praise God the blah’s are gone, I don’t think I could have taken 2 days in a row with the blah-blech-yuck’s.

I woke up this morning and tuned in to watch Dr. Charles Stanley’s message on repentance.  Boy did I need to hear this message, it was awesome, eye opening, gut wrenching and a message I needed to hear.  He really broke down the meaning of repenting versus asking for forgiveness.  As I am writing this, I have decided that I am going to order a copy of this message because I really want it to sink in and take root – in hindsight I should have recorded it but I was glued to my seat!  You know how you can hear a message, be all engrossed in it and fired up about it, and then not even an hour later you’re unable to recall the message so you can share it with someone???  Praise God for the technology of our day!

I know that I said in my “de-cluttering” posts that I was not going to tackle the clutter on the weekends unless I was bored out of my mind, and even though I’m not really bored, I did some de-cluttering.  I had some pamphlets and literature in the bathroom (for that time when you have nothing else to do but read) and I put them in a pile by my computer with the intention of going through them on Monday.  Well, needless to say, I got a case of the fidgety’s so I picked up my iSlice and went to town.  I went through about a half dozen Victory (by Ken and Gloria Copeland) magazines,  10 Pathway To Healing newsletters from Dr. Reginal Cherry, 5 Zola Levitt Ministries newsletter and a dozen copies of Shoresh from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and I iSliced articles I wanted to read and snippets of information I could share with you.  I have quite a few magazines from In Touch Ministries, but I couldn’t bring myself to slice them up – they are just jammed packed with great stuff so once I read them I’m going to take them to my doctor’s office and let his patients read them.  I’ve decided to do that with all my christian magazines and rather than clip out what I’d like to keep, I’m going to scan it into my computer.  That way, I get what I need, and others will get to use them too.

Well, that’s all for today, I have to do a little grocery shopping and I want to be back before the sun goes down and the winter chill sets in again.

Take care and God bless,

Briggie ^i^