Day: January 5, 2008

It’s A Blah Kind Of Day

Normally I wouldn’t post something if I had nothing to say, but since I’ve joined Blog365 I’m supposed to do a post a day, even if it means I have nothing to say – hey wait, didn’t I just say that I have nothing to say???

I’m sitting here feeling blah, or bleck, or yuck – actually, all three sum it up pretty good.  The sun is hiding, it’s windy and cold – that alone makes for a blah day.  There’s nothing good on TV, it costs an arm and a leg to see a movie and standing in line at the video store doesn’t appeal to me at all.  Given the chance, I could fall asleep but since I was up late last night – or rather, this  morning (went to bed around 3am, fell asleep around 4am) and I didn’t get up till 10am and it’s only 230pm going to sleep right now would mean I would be up late again and the cycle would just continue on a downward spiral until I was….I lost my train of thought.

 Anyway, what was I saying again?  Oh yeah, I don’t really have anything to say so I guess I’ll just end this post now and save everyone the trouble.