Works For Me Wednesday – “Cut” out the clutter!


I know I’m a bit late with this post – sorry!!  So, it’s a new year and time to start getting back into a routine again.  One of my “resolutions” is to de-clutter my home and my life and one way is to get rid of all the unnecessary magazines floating around my house.  At first I was a little resistant to the idea of hacking up my Martha Stewart – Real Simple magazines but the more I thought of it, the more I realized that once I went through the magazine, it sat on a shelf and I rarely browsed through it again.  I was at the Michael’s craft store and found a neat little gadget called – iSlice – islice which made the whole process easier and neater than I thought it would be.  They sell for about $4, and since I used my 50% off coupon I got it for half price!  I went through over 24 magazines and ended up with a pile of “isliced” pages that was about the thickness of just 1 magazine!  Woo-hoo baby!  My goal is to take a group of magazines every week and islice out what I want to keep.  Once I’ve got the pages I want to keep, I’m going to sort them into categories (recipes, helpful hints, craft ideas) and then slip them into top loading page protectors (the kind that hold at least 12-24 pages) and put them into a binder.  I was going to sort them by publication, for example one binder for Real Simple, another for Living, etc, but then decided that was too much work – it’ll be simpler and easier to just sort them by category!  I expect to free up at least a whole shelf in the living room and I’m going to use the huge magazine tote in my bedroom as my weekly craft project holder – that’s another one of my “resolutions for this year, but that’s also another post!

A big thanks to Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer for hosting such a wonderful weekly meme.  If you haven’t checked it out, you really should head on over there, so many great blogs and great ideas are shared every week.


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