No Bashing Please!

I don’t know about you, but I truly get upset when people try to use my blog as their platform to “bash” my posts, other people’s beliefs, or the comments some leave me.

I normally just delete these types of comments and don’t give them another thought.  Sometimes I reply to the sender to let them know I’ve deleted their comments and ask them to refrain from using my blog in that manner, but today I got a comment on a post from October 22nd, He Delights In Your Prosperity, a message from Joel Osteen, and I approved it because I felt a strong need to address their views.  Everyone has a right to their opinion, however it is my belief that when you profess to be called by God to deliver His message, you must be held to a higher degree of accountability.  I have always been told that you “don’t mess with God’s anointed”.  There is a way to  handle matters as delicate as “calling out” someone and I don’t believe using my blog is the way to do it.  To me that’s just a cheap and cheesy way to get attention – and that’s all I believe this attempt was, a way to get attention.  It’s funny that the comment was just made today, and the post is over 2 months old.  What about all the Joel Osteen messages I’ve posted?  Where were they then? Well, let me get off this soapbox, I don’t want to get rattled over something like this – it’s not worth the time and energy I’d expend.  So in closing I will simply say this, if you feel the need to use my blog to bash someone, you will be summarily DELETED.  If you are a repeat “offender” you will be marked as SPAM.  Have a  nice day!


2 thoughts on “No Bashing Please!

  1. Thanks Laura. I understand the sin nature of man is to try and promote themselves at the expense of someone else. What I don’t understand is why they would use my little known blog to do it. I guess beauty is skin deep and stupid is to the bone and the joke is on them…
    Take care and Happy New Year!!!

  2. Amen Sister!! I’ve gotten comments like that as well. I just delete. I don’t post rude things on people’s blogs and I expect the same courtesy.

    I know of one blog that is bashing a bunch of people for posting about Visio n For um. One of my post that was an entry for a contest for g.c. was linked as well as many others.

    It’s a shame that people can’t just play nice.

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