Sunset At The North Pole

Is this an amazing picture or what!  It must have been breath-taking to see it in person.  This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point and you also see the sun below the moon.  

sunset at the north pole


3 thoughts on “Sunset At The North Pole

  1. Shalom in the name of Yeshua Hamasiach.
    Pray that the tax inspector not come because iam not ready with my papaers when he come
    that he is a nice person to solved the pro blem pray that Adonai will helping me . And that we not have to pay my concentration is not good now pray for taht. Pray for love between me and
    my wife . Also that we finanacialy will agree.
    Pray for Luciano and my family. That all of them want to repent. Thank you and shalom. I need money to day pray taht God gave me .

  2. Dear Briggitte,
    So glad you liked the picture of the North Pole. Rita sent it to me from Florida on Wednesday. Thought you’d enjoy. I know Rita will be thrilled
    when I tell her you shared it with everybody online.
    Should know sometime this week about Steve’s surgery. Please keep
    them in your prayers. Thanks.

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