December Pay It Forward

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Okay, the November Pay It Forward winner has been chosen and announced, so now it’s time for my December Pay It Forward.  This month’s book is The Christmas Blessingdec pif book by you guessed it, Donna VanLiere.  This book is the sequel to The Christmas Shoes so if you haven’t read it yet, be sure to do so before reading The Christmas Blessing.

Here is a summary that I took from the Barnes and Noble website:  Van Liere’s sequel to the bestselling The Christmas Shoes catches up with Nathan Andrews (the eight-year-old who bought sequined shoes for his dying mother’s walk into heaven) in his third year of medical school. Doubting his ability as a doctor and still bitter about his mother’s death on Christmas Day years before, Nathan falls for Meghan Sullivan, a young woman in his cardiology rotation who may be suffering from a terminal heart defect. As she languishes, she renews Nathan’s faltering faith and sense of purpose in life. He learns again through love the wisdom his mother shared before dying: “each of us is destined for something, a purpose that often seems muddy”; and even when life brings more pain than it should, in the end there is always joy. Van Liere’s warm prose transforms what would otherwise be a cliched tearjerker of a Christmas miracle into a cozy, inspirational holiday tale.

To enter, simply leave me a comment no later than midnight, December 14th.  I’m ending this one early so that you can have it before Christmas.  Remember, this is a pay it forward so when you’re done reading it, you must list it on your website as a giveaway!  If you don’t have a blog but still want to enter, you can, simply agree to pass it on to someone in your contact list or a good friend who would enjoy reading the book.


22 thoughts on “December Pay It Forward

  1. I would certainly pass this on to a friend… I do that with all my books 🙂
    It’s just more fun to share a good read than to let it collect dust on a shelf.

  2. This sounds like a great book!!!! I loved “The Christmas Shoes”!!!!!!!
    I’ll definitely forward this to my friends:):):)
    Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!

  3. I don’t have a blog but I promise that this book would benefit from “pay it forward” because I have a bunch of friends and we all rotate books amongst ourselves. Thanks for the invite!

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