Steve and Rita Prayer Request

Dear friends and prayer partners, please join me in prayer for Steve and Rita.  I just learned that Steve has once again been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer in his throat and will need to undergo chemotherapy.  When he underwent this treatment before, he was overweight which actually helped him deal with the chemo, however he has since lost a lot of weight so the treatment can have a negative impact on his overall health.

Steve and Rita are getting ready to move into their dream home with a nice workshop for Steve to make his fishing rods and a pool for them to relax and get exercise in.

Stand in agreement with me that in the mighty and precious name of Jesus, this cancer must once again bow to His authority.  We declare that Steve’s throat and every organ, tissue and fiber of Steve’s being works in the perfection it was created in and cancer has no place there.  We cast this disease back into the pit from where it came.  Every drop of blood in Steve’s body rejects any illness and disease in the name of Jesus.  We bind the enemy and his evil works and loose the power from Heaven to destroy him.  God, cast a hedge of protection over Steve and Rita and cover them in a blanket of Your peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Give them unshakeable joy, and hope and take their burden upon Your shoulders.  Give Rita and Steve the strength to endure this battle and the courage to face each day.  Lord, You are our Shepard, we are your sheep, hear our voice.  We ask these things in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.


2 thoughts on “Steve and Rita Prayer Request

  1. Thank you so much for the words of prayer for Steve & Rita. I know they will be quite pleased with your praise. With everyone praying for him God will surely give him another chance to move into their new home and be able to enjoy his work shop and swim in their pool. Can’t wait to come visit them once they’re moved in. God Bless you Briggitte.

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