Alan Weinerman – Prayer Request

Dear friends and prayer partners, please join me in praying for Alan.  He was visiting his brother in Florida and suffered a terrible fall.  He broke his hip and had surgery in Florida.  He was doing okay and decided to return home.  He has a home based business on the bottom floor of his home so the constant up and down of the stairs combined with the long car ride home has caused one of the screws in his hip to back out causing him great pain.  Now, to correct the problem he must have another surgery.

Please pray that the procedure will be a simple matter of tightening the screw and that his healing will be swift in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.


5 thoughts on “Alan Weinerman – Prayer Request

  1. Please pray for the salvation of an elderly Jewish man whose well being has been on my heart for some time. For confidentiality purposes I’ll call him “L”. I want him to know Jesus. Please ask the Lord to have mercy and compassion to give “L” a hunger in his heart for Him, and the recognition that he is living apart from God.
    Though I have attempted to witness, please ask the Lord to still choose someone who He can send to “L”. Please pray that he’ll send somebody who is knowledgeable of Judaism versus Christianity, and that this person will be able to sit down and discuss this with him at length, and answer questions. Please ask the Lord to open the door for that discussion, and to move “L”’s heart to listen and heed the message he’ll receive.
    Please ask the Lord to show “L” that Jesus is the Messiah, that He loves him, and that His death & resurrection provided the only way to salvation for those who believe. Please ask the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to open “L” ‘s eyes & heart to God, that He’ll graft His name upon this man’s heart. Please also include his family in this request that they will also be brought to faith that they too will be drawn to Jesus and will be brought to faith in Him. God bless you, and thanks for your time and prayers.

  2. Please pray for a Woman who lives here in Inglewood, California (Los Angeles), have the hard heartedness, spirit of Greed, and unforgiveness leave her and recieve a conviction from God placed upon her, as she has hurt me terribly for no reason,..please have her contact me with a spirit of repentance…

  3. Alan is doing so great after his surgery that he is home just using a walker or a cane. No more need for crutches any longer which should make the healing process so much better for him. Then Alan and his wife will leave to go to FL. to visit his brother, Steve & sister-in-law, Rita. They rent a place on the island near where they live. Stay about 3 or 4 weeks then drive back home. Wish I could do that. Maybe some
    day I will be able to do just that.

  4. Dear Briggitte,
    Thanks for the kind words for Alan. I’m sure he’ll be quite pleased you put him on the prayer list. Hope he heals quickly after the surgery and gets back on his feet just as fast as he can. God Bless Alan. You’re in all our thoughts & prayers. Please get well quickly.

  5. Thank you so much for the kind words for Alan, he can sure use all the prayers he can get to get through this. His wife is not the kind to give too many kind words. It’s tough enough when you feel okay but when you’re in pain you just want positive people around you. Hope this cheers him some. Thanks Briggitte.
    Love ya,

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