Classy Mommy Giveaway

As you can see from my Giveaway’s page I just love a good contest!  I just learned that I won the Card Stix cardstix.gifgiveaway that was hosted by Classy Mommy!  How awesome is that!  Card Stix are adhesive greeting cards that stick right to the gift! You use them in place of costly greeting cards or those tiny gift labels that get lost in the gift-wrapping!  Card Stix have been seen in Modern Bride, USA Today, Women’s World and Urban Baby!  Holiday Stix and Wine Stix collections offer a fresh new way to personalize gifts for everyone on your holiday list!  Now through November 15th you can save 15% so head on over to Card Stix and check them out!  Oh, and stop by Classy Mommy too, she’s having giveaways all this week!

A HUGE thank you to Classy Mommy and Card Stix for a great giveaway!  I can’t wait to try them out!


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