Prayer Request For Yours Truly

Hello dear friends and prayer partners.  I am asking you to keep me in your prayers.  After being out of work for over 3 1/2 years due to personal illness I am re-entering the workforce.  Granted, it’s just part-time, but it’s in retail – I know, I know…UGH, but I’m really excited about it.  I got a job at the Bed Bath and Beyond and I started last night.  Perks to this job – I get a discount at BBB and get this, The Christmas Tree Shop and a store called Harmon (which I’ve never heard of before, and some baby store that I forget the name of), it’s only a 10 minute ride (mostly because of traffic ’cause I can make it to the store in about 6 minutes if I have to) and I’m getting above minimum wage! 

I felt the need to return to work against my husbands wishes because not having my income these past few years has created a deep financial strain and put us into a lot of credit card debt and it started to put a lot of stress on me.  Last week I was praying and asking God for direction and I began to read Charles Capps’ booklet on finances.  I truly believe in the principles that are in the Bible, and what Charles Capps listed in his booklet and the more I read and prayed, the stronger I felt the need to just get up and apply for a job.  I asked God where I should apply because I had put my resume back out there on and I had been getting phone calls, but all the  job offers were for Call Center Supervisors and that is just not something I ever want to do again – EVER!!!  I wanted to get a job where I could go, put in my time, do a great job and be able to leave it at the end of the day and go home feeling good about what I  had done for that day. 

I know God is in control of this whole situation because He gave me favor in my starting salary, it’s close to home so my son can drive me to work and have the car to run errands and such, and I can get a nice discount on some Christmas gifts too.  The hours are also really good and my payday falls on the opposite week of my husbands so we’ll have money coming in every week which is a really big plus.  The people are also really nice and it looks like I’ll be making some new friends, one can never have enough friends!

Please pray that I have the energy to make it through each day, and that when I lay my head down to sleep, that sleep comes quickly and I wake refreshed and ready to start a new day.  Please pray that while I am at work, my children work with each other in peace, harmony and love.  Please pray that my husband not worry about me and that God continues to heal him in his back and neck. 

I pray that His peace surrounds each of you and comforts you like a warm and fuzzy blanket and that His angels watch over you and your families.  Thank you and God bless,

Briggie ^i^


3 thoughts on “Prayer Request For Yours Truly

  1. Please pray for me to get a client in the health care hotel I am staying at presently I am a health aide
    Please also pray for my home in Guyana for God protection from fire and vandalism of utilities( water electricity and telephone ) there is a wicked neighbour to the east of my home who needs to seal up an illegal opening he has left in the concrete fence which allows him illegal access to my yard
    Pray As well as a christian couple I left in my home as caretakers the girl is 7 months pregnant but has some health issues.
    Thyroid problems
    Low blood pressure
    A weak womb whereby the baby is dropping down dangerously
    Thank you so much

  2. Hey lady,
    I’m very happy for you. If this is what you want to do, I say go for it. As long as you are up to it. Hope and pray BB&B works out for you, I love the store.
    God Bless,

  3. Congrats on the new job. It sounds like a great opportunity (at one of my favorite stores!) for you. God will bless your willingness and obedience with the energy and the rest that you need as you lean on Him.


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