Denzel Washington And The BAMC

The Media (Accidentally?)Missed this one!!!!
Please read this:
The troops oversees would like you to send it to everybody you know.

Denzel Washington, and Brooks Army Medical Center

I don’t know whether you heard about this, but Denzel Washington and his family visited the troops at Brook Army Medical Center, in San Antonio,Texas (BAMC) the other day. 

denzel6 This is where soldiers who have been evacuated from Germany come to be hospitalized in the United States, especially burn victims.   There are some buildings there called Fisher Houses.  The Fisher House is a Hotel where soldiers’ families can stay, for little or no charge, while their soldier is staying in the Hospital.  BAMC has quite a few of these houses on base, but as you can imagine, they are almost filled
most of the time.denzel3

While Denzel Washington was visiting BAMC, they gave him a tour of one of the Fisher Houses.  He asked how much one of them would cost to build.  He took his check book out and wrote a check for the  full amount right there on the spot.

denzel4 The soldiers overseas were amazed to hear this story and want to get the word out to the American Public, because it warmed their hearts to hear it.

The question is why didn’t this make front page news?  I’m tired of hearing about Britney, Lindsay, Paris and all the other junk that gets tossed in our faces every 5 minutes!  This story didn’t even make page 3 in the Metro section of ANY newspaper except the Local newspaper in San Antonio.


A true American and friend to all in uniform!denzel7

This needs
as wide a distribution as we can create.  I was asked to pass on, now I ask you to do the same.   Share it!


5 thoughts on “Denzel Washington And The BAMC

  1. There are portions of truth in this. First, this was in 2004… He did visit the site and he did make a donation… although sizable, not enough to build a building… I forwarded this to a friend who is a producer on Nightline… this is what he sent me:

    It got me too.
    It is a great story! But we do need to be careful what we let in… your friend is a trusted source, and her information while well intended… was misinformed. It’s not impolite to question a source… it’s actually wise to do so. But, it’s all in how you execute it. Maybe not question THEM… but do a little research. It was a hard lesson for me to learn, but I am now really careful about the information sources I trust. People can say anything they want on the Internet… it doesn’t make it true.

    BTW, I do think what he did was great. Visiting… promising a donation… none of what I am saying is minimizing DW, in any way.

  2. To Jim,
    It’s a shame that everything has to be proven over & over again for people to believe someone is capable of doing something good for others without a motive. Didn’t you see the picture in the paper of Denzel Washington writing the check? Have a little faith. He is a good man but didn’t want it splashed all over the news. I thank God for people like him. Wish I could do it.
    God Bless,

  3. you can always check out the local paper in San Antonio if you feel you need to verify it. this info was sent to me by a dear friend and I don’t believe they would have sent it to me if it wasn’t true.

    good luck.

  4. Dear Briggitte,
    I always liked Denzel Washington as an actor and a human being but now everybody can see what a true humanitarian and Angel he truly is. He not only put his money where his mouth is but he took time out from his busy schedule and he and his family visited our soldiers when they needed most, in recovery. That’s how you can tell it came from his heart, he didn’t do it for publicity.
    God Bless,

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