The Golden Compass

My mom forwarded an email to me today about the movie, “The Golden Compass”, which is due out this December.  I think this is a serious matter and warrants passing the information along to as many people as possible, so I am putting it on my blog.  Take care and God bless.

Dear Friends & Family~

I don’t usually send e-mails out of alarm, but I just want you all to be aware of something I just discovered. 

See this link re: an upcoming children’s movie that will be released on Dec. 7 during the Christmas season.  The Golden Compass appears to be a great film — I saw the previews with my son and we both got excited about going to see it.  Not anymore!!!

I just found out that the author of this trilogy is an atheist and is trying to influence children against God .  He hates C.S. Lewis and the Narnia series, so he set out to write his own books in opposition.  His writing has been called “dangerous,” yet he has won the 2007 Carnegie of Carnegie’s to celebrate the best book in the past 70 years!  

According to this link, in the movie, his agenda is apparently handled carefully.  But once the children who love the movie get the books, that’s where the real damage may be done .  In the end, the girl who travels from place to place kills the senile God and everyone can do what they please. The movie stars Nicole Kidman, so this will get a lot of publicity.

I’m not ready to lead a charge of revolt and boycott, I just wanted you to be well informed to make the best choice for yourself.   Please, click the link below and read all the details before you buy the books or see the  movie!


One thought on “The Golden Compass

  1. The Scholastic publishing company is partnering with New Line Cinema and promoting “The Compass,” and the books, heavily in public schools. Even though the books are strongly anti-God and anti-church, they’re getting a strong push in schools as curriculum resources. There is more information here. No matter how you view the use of free speech, this seems inappropriate for schools, and I strongly suggest you encourage your local schools not to use this material.

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