A Testimony From One Of My Readers

Hi everyone.  Daniel posted this comment under my October Pay It Forward and it I knew it was too awesome to leave as just a comment so I’m posting it for everyone to read and share in his wonderful testimony.  May the peace that only Yeshua can bring be yours today.  Take care and God bless you. – Briggie




I would like to share this testimony with all to the glory of Yeshua!!!

Baptized In The Name Of Jesus

I myself can testify of the change that took place after I was recently water Baptized in the Name of Jesus.

Immediately as I came up out of the water I knew something that I never experienced before had happened.

From that moment, drinking, cursing, lying, etc was gone! I mean gone! My whole attitude was rearranged and changed where I now wanted to serve God and hungered after Him like never before!

Coming out of the water all I could do was lift up my arms towards the sky praising and thanking God!
This change has not left me but increased! Since then doors have opened up for me that were closed where I want and can serve God like never in the past.

No I did not speak in tongues, they will come, but first I needed cleaning up spiritually. The Lord Jesus Christ took all the stumbling blocks out of my way. I was going down the tubes and most likely headed for hell. Thank the Almighty God for His mercy, kindness forgiveness and rescue from my folly!

Years ago I was water baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost but not in the Name of Jesus!!!. No change like this took place. But now I walk with Jesus in newness of life, I walk now after the Spirit, not after the flesh, Praise God!!!

Daniel Pivano


2 thoughts on “A Testimony From One Of My Readers

  1. Then this followed:

    Then on March 22, 2008 the Gift of the Holy Spirit fell on me and with it the evidence of tongues!

    Now I walk with Jesus in newness of life, I walk now after the Spirit, not after the flesh.

    Praise God!!! This dramatic change that God has so graciously done in me will last till He calls me home!


    Daniel Pivano

    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

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