Prayer Request For Kathy

Dear readers and prayer partners, I need your help.  I just learned that Kathy, a sister of a very dear friend of ours was just diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Lung Cancer at Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

Kathy was a heavy smoker until 2001 when she tried to quit smoking but was on again off again until 2004 when she kicked the habit once and for all.  Kathy wasn’t feeling well the other night so had her husband take her to the emergency room and it was then that they learned of her illness. 

While they do not have children of their own, they are very involved in the lives of their many nieces and nephews taking them on ski trips, attending their birthdays and functions as well as hosting sleep overs for 17 nieces.  Kathy has a very large family and she is very close to each of them and is a devout Catholic.

Dear Father, through Your Word, You have imparted Your life to Kathy.  That life restores her body with every breath she takes and every word she speaks.  This disease was not planted by God, so we declare that is must depart, wither and dissolve in the mighty name of Jesus.  Kathy’s body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and we command her body to release the proper chemicals to fight and ward off this cancer.  We declare that her body is in perfect balance and that her lungs, tissue and every organ work in the perfection that God created it to perform.  In the name of Jesus, we forbid her body to be deceived in any manner.  Body, you will not be deceived by this cancer.  Neither will you work against the life and health in her body in any way.  Every cell in Kathy’s body supports life and health.  Lord, Your Word says that whatsoever we bind on earth is bound in Heaven and whatsoever is loosed in Heaven is loosed on earth.  Lord we bind the enemy and his evil curse and cast them both into the abyss in the precious name of Jesus.  Father, we loose Your healing power into her body.  Jehovah Rappha, touch her and bring her body back to the perfection it was created in.  Lord, give Your angels charge over her and guard her against defeat in her mind, body and soul.  God, Pour out your strength upon her and her husband and family members and give them the peace that can only be given by You.  We ask this in the precious, matchless and wonderful name of Jesus, Amen.


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