Prayer for California Residents and Firefighters

Everyday for the past 4 days we’ve been watching the news and the top story has been the fires in California.  Just 4 years ago the news was full of the same reports.  Wild fires ran rampant through California and destroyed thousands of homes, acres of land and 22 lives.  This year, thousands of people have lost their homes, thousands of acres of land have been destroyed and while there are reports that some of the fires have been contained with several others rage out of control only 1 life has been lost to date.  Praise God!  Homes can be rebuilt, things can be re-bought, the land will heal itself, but you can’t replace a lost loved one.

As I watch the news my thoughts and prayers go out to those that have lost their homes or are in danger of losing theirs.  I pray that God gives them the strength to face what lies ahead and peace to move beyond what they’ve lost.  I cannot imagine how they feel or the magnitude of their loss, I only know that God and God alone can help them rebuild their homes and their lives.  As I watch the planes fly overhead, I get a lump in my throat and my heart skips a beat because I know how dangerous the work they do is.  I’m reminded of the movie, “Always”, with Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter and Audrey Hepburn.  If you haven’t seen it yet, make it a point to rent it – it’s a really good movie. 

Anywho, getting back to the fires…As dangerous as it is for those flying above the flames, it is equally life threatening for those on the ground.  The news tonight showed the “ground jumpers” trying to maneuver through the hilly terrain to get to small fires, that just pop up out of nowhere so they can put them out before they rage out of control.  At any moment, the smoke alone can put them at risk not to mention the heavy suits they wear, the risk of dehydration or falling limbs. 

So I ask you all to join me and pray for the residents of California, for those who lost their homes to the fires, for the friends and family that lost a loved one and for those who risk their lives to put out the fires.


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