A Giveaway Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness


blessed nest


Okay, An Island Review has a post about a giveaway over at Blessed Nest that is being sponsored by The Spoon Sisters in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation.  So, not only do you get to enter giveaways for great prizes, you help support an awesome cause.

How did I find out about  this awesome giveaway?  Easy, I went to An Island Review and subscribed to their feed via email so I get messages to my inbox about cool giveaways.

So, I went to Blessed Nest to check out the giveaway and part of the requirement was to head over to The Spoon Sisters and check out their site.  No problem.  I went to their site and they have so many things to choose from and their site is really easy to navigate.  I found a neat item under the Holiday category and I must have it.  It’s called Christmas-opoly  It looks like it would be so much fun to play with my family during the holidays.

Click HERE to find out how you can enter the giveaways!


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