Betti & Rapheal

Dear friends and prayer partners, please join me in prayer for Betti and Rapheal.  God knows their need so if you would just lift them both up in prayer in your daily prayer time they would very much appreciate it.  They know the power of God’s Word and His Healing and believe that they are healed in the matchless name of Jesus.

Jesus, You are the Lord of Betti and Rapheal’s  lives, therefore, sickness and disease have no power over them.  You bore their sins on Your body while on the cross and by Your stripes they are healed.  Father, because of Your word they are overcomers.  They overcome the sicknesses of the flesh by the Blood of the Lamb.  Lord, Your Word imparts life, and that life restores their bodies with every breath they take and every word they speak.  Father, you have forgiven all our iniquities and have taken away sickness from us, therefore we will live out the rest of our days in health, in Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen.

God bless you all and thank you for partnering in prayer with me.



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