Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style


Overwhelmed With Joy is hosting her 2nd Annual Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe sharing Meme.  Click on the picture above, or just click here to get in on the action.

Here are the guidelines:

1) Recipes can be as long or as short as you’d like. They can be quick and simple or they can be a bit more complex. You can post more than one recipe if you’d like. Don’t worry if you think there might be duplicates of the recipe you have in mind (more than one stuffing recipe, for example) because I’ll bet each recipe is unique.
2) I’d appreciate holiday recipes that are tried and true. They don’t have to be your own creations, I don’t care where you originally got the recipe from, I just ask that you post a recipe that’s worked for you in the past. Feel free to give credit where credit is due. If you post a recipe from your aunt Martha Stewart, by all means, mention that! I’ll be sharing some family recipes.
3) When you post your recipe on your blog, within your post be sure to link back my post so that others know where to come and view more recipes. Feel free to use the graphic above in your post or on your sidebar.
4) Once you’ve posted your recipe on your blog, don’t forget to stop back and link on my Mr. Linky so that everyone can stop by and take a look at your recipe. I’d really appreciate it if you’d put your recipe title in parenthesis in Mr. Linky. And please link directly to your recipe post, not just your blog, so that it’s easy for people to find your recipe no matter what day they’re looking for it! Fair warning, if this isn’t done, I’ll do it for you and then you’ll loose your original spot on Mr. Linky.
5) There’s no deadline on when you have to post your recipe. This post isn’t going anywhere, so take your time! I’ll have this post linked up on my sidebar until next year’s Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange!

So what are you waiting for?  Dust off your cookbooks, dig out that favorite family recipe and get typing!  Oh, and make sure you check out the links to other blogs and see their recipes!  Enjoy!


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