I Won I Won I Won!!!

Menu Planning Central

Menu Planning Resource Pack

Have you ever entered a blogger’s giveaway only to think, “there are so many people entered, I don’t stand a chance”?  Well, I know what you mean!  I’ve entered lots and lots of contests since I became a blogger and I just never seemed to win, that is until I opened my email 2 weeks ago and got a message from Nell, the creator of the blog, Casual Friday Every Day!  I entered a giveaway she was hosting and I won a FREE 1 year membership to Menu Planning Central.  I was so excited when I read the email I had to pinch myself!  I won, I actually won, I honest to goodness won and what a totally awesome prize!!!!  I got my info and I logged in tonight and what pleasant surprise awaited me?  Menus and shopping lists for every week of the month. 

Now, there isn’t just one menu for the week to choose from, there are 3 – Family Friendly Menu’s, Healthy Menu’s and get this – Vegetarian Menu’s.  How awesome is that???  Then, there is a Monthly Resource link, Culinary Explorations Link, Columnists and Experts Link and a Contact The Menu Mom Link.  They even have a members forum.  There are so many other features they are just too numerous to mention.  What a wonderful idea, to plan meals for an entire year and include the shopping lists to take the stress and worry off people like me who wait until everyone starts to ask what’s for dinner to decide what to cook. 

I can’t thank Nell at Casual Friday Everyday enough for having such a great contest and a huge thank you to Christine Steendahl for donating the 1 year membership!  Visit her site by clicking on the icon above and check out her awesome offer!

Here’s some information about the owner of Menu Planning Central taken from their site: 

Christine Steendahl is the mastermind behind MenuPlanningCentral.com. Most of her clients know her as “The Menu Mom” as a result of her blog www.themenumom.com. She has a passion to help busy families easily return to the dinner table to experience home cooked meals and quality family time. 
MenuPlanningCentral.com was created when Christine found that many of her clients were looking for a variety of different menu styles to choose from. She took those customer requests serious and implemented as many of them as possible at Menu Planning Central.

Christine is also the owner of several other quality family websites, a wife, and a busy mom. She grew up in Washington state and currently resides with her family in Illinois.

Make sure you check out my Giveaways page to see some awesome links to contests going on!


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