Thursday Thirteen #6 – Why I love Fall


Okay, so I’m late again with my TT!  One of these days I’ll get it right.

So, this weeks TT will be 13 reasons why I LOVE the Fall

1.  The weather cools down – a lot!!!

2.  The leaves on the trees turn such beautiful colors making a ride down the highway (especially if you are driving down south) so enjoyable.

3.  Sitting by the fire, either in your home (wish I had a fireplace) or outside by your fire pit, or at a bonfire.

4.  Soup and Sammy (sandwich) night!

5.  Making chili and beef stew and lots homemade soups.

7.  Watching football on television Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

8.  Going to the High School football games – Go Herd!  (Woodbury High School)

9.  Getting ready for Thanksgiving.

10.  Breaking out the sweaters and hoodies.

11.  The gorgeous sunsets.

12.  The annual Woodbury Fall Parade.

13.  Baking cookies, pies, breads.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #6 – Why I love Fall

  1. I love all of those things too. But to me, Fall is like the good-looking guy who treats you like an angel, with one fatal flaw…you know he’s going to leave you for a cold witch called Winter eventually!

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