Day: September 12, 2007

A Fundraiser For Laane’s Son

I was surfin’ some of the blogs I subscribe to and came across this post from Laane.  I am posting it here on my site in the hopes that others will read it and feel led as I was to help them raise the money for a new computer.  Please take a moment to read her post and pray about whether or not you can help.  If you can, then please email Laane by clicking here.  She has a PayPal link set up but there are some problems with it, and because she is from the Netherlands, everything is written in Dutch.  The link I provided is an email link on her site.  So, enough of my jibber-jabber, here is Laane’s post:

Hair Fundraiser

Aren’t kids surprising.  One moment they have a fight about nothing and the next moment….
One of the boys had grown his hair for over a year.  Because he doesn’t look forward to the moment the computer of his brother breaks down, which may be any moment now, he offered to do a fundraiser.  He wants to cut his hair when he’s sponsored for 250 dollar.

Today he’s to school to see who wants to sponsor him, and he asked me to put this on my blog.  As soon as he has it together he’ll go for a haircut.  I think it’s the biggest gesture he’s ever made.  If you want to sponsor him, you’re also sponsoring us all, because the computer is the only companion my autistic son really likes.