Have I Told You Lately…?

I was sitting here today, updating my blog, reading emails and doing some blog surfing when I felt this gnawing at my heart. I knew right away what it was…the Lord was trying to get my attention.  I sat in front of my computer in somewhat of a daze and thought, well Lord, what is it You want to tell me?  Do you want me to post something on my blog?  Perhaps you want me to read something?  I must have been sitting there for a good 15-30 minutes and it hit me…He wanted to tell me He loves me.  I knew this because it was at that moment when Have I Told You Lately by Rod Stewart began to play in my head and I realized that I had not told Him in some time how much I loved Him and how much I appreciated all that He has done for me.

Yes, I say grace before every meal, when I lay my head down at night, I thank Him for His grace and mercy and for another day.  I pray for friends and loved ones, read His word and jam to praise and worship inspired by Him.  But do I tell Him I love Him?  No, I don’t think I do, at least not nearly enough.  There is a worship song that was always one of my favorites and for some reason I have not thought of it until just now;

I love You Lord,

and I lift my voice,

to worship You,

O my soul, rejoice.

Take joy my King,

in what You hear.

Let it be a sweet, sweet sound,

in Your ear.

(words and music by Laurie Klein)

So, with all this in mind, I figured it was time I wrote Him a letter – a love letter to be exact.


Dear Lord,

Have I told You lately that I love You?

Have I told You there’s no one else above You?

It is You who fills my heart with gladness and takes away all my sadness.

You ease my troubles that’s what You do.

And though the morning sun in all it’s glory, greets the day with hope and comfort too.

It’s You who fills my life with laughter and somehow makes it better.

You ease my troubles that’s what You do.

Thank You Lord for loving me and putting up with my nonsense and overlooking my shortcomings.  Search my heart Lord and see that I truly do love You.  Don’t stop correcting me, don’t let me off the hook!  Do what You must to get my attention and put people in my path that will help me to grow and learn and become the woman You want me to be.


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