Pay It Forward Gift Exchange


Laane from Ask Laane came before me as did Vicki and Debi and Terra…you can be next…And it’s not to late.  I have one more slot available as of October 16th 2007, so if you want to participate, just put a comment below then host a Pay It Forward Gift Exchange on your site and you’re all set!!!

I will send a gift (handmade or not) to the first three people who leave a comment on this post requesting to join this Pay it Forward Gift exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet, I do promise to make it something you will enjoy, and I also promise you will receive it within 365 days from the date of your post. The only thing you have to do in return is “pay it forward” to 3 other visitors to your site by sending them a gift and making the same agreement on your blog!

I’ll get your address later!


7 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Gift Exchange

  1. J.D, you are my 1st official PIF winner, this is going to be fun… It would be awesome if there were a site/host we could link to so that people could see everyone that is participating in one shot, but i must admit i’m having fun seeking them out…

    I’ll wait to hear from you to let you know about my giveaway!

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