Just wanted to give everyone an update about my brother – sorry I should have done this sooner…

His accident was really bad, but he’s doing much much better. He ended up with over 30 staples in his head, road rash on his head, shoulder and hip, a messed up leg and lots of other boo-boo’s. He lost his wallet and his cell phone and whatever else he had on his bike, plus his bike was totalled – – but at least he wasn’t.

He’s in a lot of pain which is understandable but now he’s dealing with the “legal” repercussions from the state of Texas. They’re trying to say that he was speeding, which cannot be verified because there were NO witnesses – no one else was on the road at the time. The problem occurred because of the terrible condition of their road and the fact that it was raining causing very hazardous road conditions. Now get this – Texas does not have a helmet law, so my brother and his friend were not wearing their helmets (which if you ask me is crazy, but i don’t like motorcycles to begin with) and they were both issued tickets for not wearing helmets! Is that beyond nuts or what. It’s sad when people or our government try to capitolize on other people’s misfortune.

He’s very blessed to still be on this earth and for that we praise and thank God. We also thank you for all your prayers and ask that you continue to lift him up as he heals and believe that all his “legal” issues will be removed!

God bless you all,

briggie ^i^


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