My Journey Toward A New Life

I know I haven’t posted an update in quite some time so here goes:  I had a follow-up visit for my Esophageal dilation scheduled for 8/1 (my son’s birthday – what a way to spend his day, with me in the hospital!)

I arrived on time and before I even spent 5 minutes with Linda (my surgeons assistant) she consulted with the doctor who recommended an emergency Upper GI because at 6 weeks out I should not still be throwing up and should be able to eat a bigger variety of foods as well as a bit larger portion.  So, off I go to do all the pre-certification stuff and within 30 minutes I’m in a hospital gown and being told I have to drink this stuff that may look like Ginger Ale, but smells and tastes like anti-freeze.  Well, I probably threw up more than I took in which couldn’t have been more than an ounce or two, but I wasn’t forcing myself to take in any more – they would have to make do. 

Nearly 2 hours later they sent me back to my doctors office where I learned that the Upper GI looked normal and they felt I should have another dilation.  I was in no mood to have anything else done that day and I wanted to try and salvage something of my son’s birthday.  I told them I would call back and schedule the procedure – which I did, but my sleep pattern is out of whack again, and I wasn’t feeling too hot so when the day for the procedure came, I cancelled.  Now I am waiting for my primary care doctor to write me a referral because the last time I had it done, I got billed big time! 

So far I’ve lost 46 pounds, when I hit 50 I’m getting my hair done – that was the goal I set for myself.  Now that it’s fast approaching, I’m having second thoughts about it.  I’ve kinda grown attached to it and I’ve never let it get this long – – ever!  I have noticed that I have a lot of energy, but I also tire out quickly.  I still have pain in my right knee, and lately the top of my left foot is really bothering me, but aside from that I’m not doing too bad.  I don’t wake up in as much back pain as I used to – so I guess things are starting to settle in a little better. 

I’ve been cooking more and I really do enjoy it.  I wish I could eat some of what I cook – I’m fine while I’m doing the cooking, it’s when I’m done and everyone’s eating that I get a little upset.  I also started to organize my books and office stuff.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t stand to have chaos around me anymore.  I want things to have a place and I want as little clutter around me as possible.  I broke down and tossed out business magazines that I’ve been holding on to since 1998, ’99, 2000, you get the picture.  My husband’s next – he has to go through his magazines tomorrow so they can be put to the curb for Monday morning trash day.  Hmmm, what else is new???? Let’s see, my daughter Daniele, moved in to her new apartment in Phila (just minutes from the Art Museum) with her boyfriend Chris.  My son Jarrett is getting ready for his fall semester at county college and he got a job working at the high school a few hours a week as an aide in their “AVID” program.  It’s not much but he will be able to use his own money to put gas in his car!  My son Justin has finally started to tackle his “room” – it’s like a jungle in there!  And last but not least my youngest daughter Tylar is anxious for school to start, she’s getting bored!!  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that on 8/1 my husband was in another car accident?  Last summer he was rear-ended while having one of the company cars serviced and on 8/1 he was rear-ended while on his way home from work.  So to top off my day “from that place no one want to go”, we spent 6 hours that evening in the ER!  UGH!!!

 So, I’ve added Rice Krispies to my good food list along with skim milk, frozen watermelon, Rita’s waterice (with a tiny bit of custard), platanos mas duros (yummy!), very very very moist chicken, and oatmeal.  I still have problems keeping food down, it’s really trial and error.  Sometimes I keep it down, sometimes I don’t.  I pretty much make sure that whenever I eat, I know where the bathroom is – better safe than sorry. 

On a sad note, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of WLS buddies on the message boards at ObesityHelp that had their RNY surgery the same time I did, and some even after me, and they are able to get in their protein and they’re eating salads, tuna, beef, chicken, etc… and they aren’t having half of the problems I am. 

I know Lord, I know, this too shall pass!  I am in the valley right now, and I know that You are in front of me, clearing and leading the way out.  If I didn’t have You, I never would have been able to make it this far, so again I say, Thank You!!!


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