Day: August 7, 2007

The Names Of God

So the other day I was in my FAVORITE place, Barnes and Noble and I came across a book by Ann Spangler, Praying the Names of God – a daily guide.  I knew that God had led me right to her spot on the shelf because my site is pretty much dedicated to prayer; I’ve put up a few posts on the Names of God, and I’m getting together with a few friends to begin a bible study and since she formatted the book to be a study guide I knew it was just perfect.  

 Ann decided to focus on 26 Names of God and she lays out a plan to spend a week to study and learn each name.  While there are over 90 Names of God (and I’m sure that number is even too low) that you can learn about by simply searching the web, it pays to focus on the ones that meet your needs at this moment and plan to add another name each week. 

Since today is Monday and Ann starts the guide on a Monday, I started the book and found the first name we’re learning about is Elohim, (e-lo-HEEM).  She gives an overview of how God revealed His name, understanding the name and then studying the name.  For Tuesday – Thursday she gives scriptures to read and pray over, along with some background of each scripture.  For Friday, she lists the promises that are associated with the name and encourages continued prayer and praise.  She lists scriptures throughout the text which are very relevant.  She listed 4 questions and I decided to list them here and I would love to hear your thoughts:

1.  “Genisis” is a word that can mean “birth”, “history of origin”, or “geneaology”.  What can you observe about who God is from this passage about beginnings?

2.  What can you observe about the world He has made?

3.  What do you think it means to be created in “the image of God”?  How would your life change if you lived with the constant awareness that he creted you to bare His image?

4.  God seems delighted by what He has made, proclaiming it good and even very good.  How does God’s assessment of creation shape your own attitude toward the world?  Toward yourself?

I highly recommend getting this book and making it a part of your study library and daily reads.  I’m hoping to post something on the bible study we’re going to have.  I really want to focus on the topic of words and the power they carry.  I picked up a book today called Healing Words, The Power of Prayer And The Practice Of Medicine, by Larry Dossey, M.D.  This too was another awesome find, the last one on the shelf and the only book in the store dealing with words and their power!  I’ll let you know how it goes once I’ve read a bit of it.

God Bless,

briggie ^i^