A prayer

One of the blogs I subscribe to posted a prayer request on their site.  Please take a moment to read this post along with this one, and include them in your prayers.  I commented on the post with a prayer for them which I am going to also place below.  Feel free to place your prayers on their site, or here on mine.  Either way, God will be given all the glory and the victory.

Lord, I come to you on behalf of this couple and stand against the spirit of fear that the enemy has tried to blanket over their home and their lives. My prayer for them is for a blanket of Your peace, a peace that surpasses all our natural minds understanding. Your Word says that You go before us in all battles, You told us that You would never leave us nor forsake us and that You hear the voices of Your children. This family cries out to you from their desert, place an army of Your angels around them to protect them from all attacks of the enemy. Place a crown of peace upon their heads to guard their minds from wandering from You and Your promises. Let the glory be Yours Lord and let Your praises roll off their tongues, cause their feet to dance and their hearts to rejoice for You and You alone shall give them victory over the enemy. Whom shall we fear, for You O Lord are with us always…

In Him,


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