Putting Prayer Back In Schools

I was just sitting here, checking out the recent posts when I found the “Now I Sit Me Down In School” prayer under the “religion” tag.  The timing of the piece is awesome (set to the children’s prayer Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep) because students (regardless of the grade) and their parents are starting their “back to school” preparations.  It also ties in very nicely with the whole reason for my blog – PRAYER!!! 

I know many of you have read the poem at one time or another, but do me a favor and link from your blog / site to the poem and if you are a non-blogger copy and paste the poem into your email and send it out encouraging others to do the same.   There is power in prayer, and when 2 or more come together in His name, His power is unleashed!!!

The movement to remove prayer from schools did not gain it’s momentum until Madalyn Murray O’Hair, an aethist mother from Maryland decided she was going to “save” her son from having to participate in school prayer (and making lots of money in the process didn’t hurt either) as well as advance the public awareness of her new founded organization American Aethists.  The irony is that this same son, William J. Murray III is now a major voice to return prayer to schools. 



5 thoughts on “Putting Prayer Back In Schools

  1. Seems like our country went to hell in a hand basket when prayer was taken out of the school system. I for one would love to see it brought back. Our children need
    the Lord and his guidance in their lives.

  2. Thanks so much for clearing that up for me, I thought you read something in my post that you found contrary, which is okay, I just wanted to make sure I did not reply to your comment from a perspective of ignorance.

    I appreciate your feedback!

    God Bless,
    briggie ^i^

  3. Just pointing out that even if it were true that Jesus’ teachings were genuinely from God, there’s been a lot of spin on them over the last 2000 years or so. Therefore, any sort of prayer in the schools would probably be based on one particular interpretation of those teachings. And since we’re all human, it would inevitably contain some misinterpretations–ant THAT’S where the problems lie.

  4. Please forgive me for asking, but I’m curious, to whom or what are you pointing your sarcasm – or am I misinterpreting your message?

    In His Name,
    -briggie ^i^

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