My Journey Toward A New Life

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 So, when I went for my check-up 7/25 my doctor told me that I was getting sick way too much so without asking any further questions, he scheduled me for a quick surgical procedure to enlarge my esophogial tube.  He did an EDG or EGD (one of those is the correct acronym) or whatever you call it.  Bottom line, he put a camera down my throat to look at the opening, found it was tooooo narrow, so he inserted a balloon and stretched it open.  He said I should feel 100 times better and start to see a difference in what I can eat.  I don’t mind the not eating so much as the throwing up!  Now don’t get me wrong – I do go through my pouty mood when I really want something to eat and everyone around me is eating and I can’t have what they’re having.  I’m still on liquids / soft foods – mostly liquids because my tummy just doesn’t want to cooperate.  I thinks it’s the smelling part that makes me so sad, not so much watching them eat. 

I still HATE sweet stuff, but I’m being told hormonal changes due to the surgery are the reason for my taste bud changes.  I’m having the hardest time getting in protein, and I bought some “Any Whey” (supposed to be virtually tasteless – well they virtually lied!!) but it’s got a vanilla scent and taste —YUCKO!!  I don’t want to lose my hair – I’ve gotta do something!!  I ordered some samples from Vitalady so I’ll let you know how I make out.

Today is a good day!!!  I’m slowly but surely getting through my To Do List (even though it keeps growing every time I walk through a room) and my house is slowly getting to a point where I feel comfortable in it.  It’s sooo important to have at least 1 room where you can just go and relax, decompress, feel peaceful and be restored. 


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