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Friends, I need your prayers today for my younger brother, Sandy. He recently left his home in Maryland on a 3 week motorcycle cross county road trip with his friend. My mom told this morning she had not heard from him since Tuesday, and she had tried many times to reach him without success. Just a short while ago, she called to tell me he had been in a very serious accident while in Texas and was in the hospital since Tuesday. He lost all of his ID, cell phone, etc along with his memory. The only phone number he could remember, was his ex-girlfriend Michelle. We’ve learned that his bike was totalled, he suffered severe head injuries and was unconscious for some time. He has severe road rash on his head and body, he has staples in his head and he is really banged up. He is still in Texas, but is making plans to come home. Please ask God to heal him physically, and to also open my brothers eyes and heart to the gift he was given in Michelle. She still loves him and I believe he loves her but says he does not want to get married – ever. Well, I know the God I serve, and perhaps this is the wake up call my brother needs to see that being alone is not a good thing.


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