My Journey Toward A New Life

Okay – time for good news for a change.  I finally called my mom’s friend Edette and I had a really good talk with her.  She had gastric bypass surgery about 3 years ago and went through much the same of what I’m going through, only she had it 10x worse than I do.  I was very encouraged by her words and she gave me a lot of information. 

After I got off the phone with her I felt like having something to eat so  I decided to cook something for myself (which I haven’t done in a very long time).  Now, I know this will sound like I lost the last shred of common sense I have but here’s what I did – I made myself an “omelet de fromage” but I added finely diced cooked bacon-potatoes and green olives.  I know weird huh – you’d think I was preggo or something but the the weirdest part was I actually was able to eat some it and it stayed down!!!  I also was able to get in about 36 oz of water yesterday and I took a fast acting Tylenol because I had one heck of major headache!!  All that and no reversal of fortune!!

 Now today I had the best time – I met 2 of my dearest buddies for lunch and a quick catch-up (we haven’t been together at the same time in the same place for over 3 years!!) and I ordered Maryland Crab Cakes with mashed potatoes and pickled beets and guess what – – – I ate 1 slice of the beets, 3 bites of the mashed potatoes and almost 1/2 of a crab cake and it stayed down.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  I can’t tell you how happy I was that I did not get sick – I was having so much fun I did not want to spoil the day for anyone.  I didn’t really drink anything at lunch, although I did order a glass of water and unsweetened ice tea ( I had a few sips of each) and then I had a coffee aftwerwards (I only had a few sips, but it was sooo good).

Now, I’m about to head out the door again, Tylar turned 14 on the 19th but we are celebrating tonight.  She choose a buffett place out in Moorestown (she loves the crab legs) so everyone (minus me) will be chowing down, then we’ll sing the happy birthday song and watch her open presents. 

The Lord has surely blessed us with a glorious day here in S. Jersey, I pray that you too are sharing it’s beauty.  May God bless you and keep you in His care.

 *** thought i’d just update this post rather than create another one – I wanted to tell you all about Tylar’s birthday dinner.  We went to the Old Towne Buffet in Moorestown, NJ.  We had sooo much fun laughing and joking around.  I refrained from eating most of the evening, but my tummy started growling so I decided to try a few things.  I plated myself tiny spoonfuls of mashed potatoes, tuna salad, a small piece of chicken, a stuffed shrimp, a few steamed shrimp, a mini crab cake, and a custard bun.  I tried a tiny bit of mashed potatoes, YUCK, so I nixed them.  Then I had a couple of steamed shrimp – they were ok – but very bland.  I had a few bites of the crab cake, a tiny tiny tiny bit of the chicken and a little piece of the custard bun minus the custard.  I didn’t really eat much, but what I did eat, stayed down.  And I know this part was a no-no but I couldn’t resist – – – I had a tiny bit of frozen custard – – -wooooeeeeeee was it nice – cold and creamy and —-you guessed it, it stayed down.  I’ve drinking my water and I’m feeling pretty good.  And the kicker to the evening was running into Gloria and Danny (I had lunch with Gloria and Kathy earlier today) at the buffet.  What are the odds???  It was so nice to see Danny and I know Gloria was so happy to see my whole family + Daniele’s boyfriend Chris.  She hasn’t seen my kids in a very long time.  That was a wonderful ending to a glorious day.  

Of course, my feet are sore ( I could really use a foot massage ) and my right knee is really bothering me but I’ll take this pain over that of being sick all day for days in a row.  So, now I’m watching Tv with my husband and Justin (Son-in-Law) and I’ll be heading to bed in a little bit.  I’ve got a big day tomorrow, my boys are going to put my new office desk/hutch together and I’m going to finally get my business supplies, books, etc organized and easily accessible to me!!!  It feels like Christmas to me!! 

Briggie ^i^


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