My Journey Toward A New Life

How appropriate for me to open my daily scripture message from Joel Osteen and find this…..  God is awesome!

Food Affects Us!

Today’s Scripture

“God created those foods to be eaten with thanks by faithful people who know the truth.” 1 Timothy 4:3 (NLT)

Today’s Word from Joel and Victoria

Food can change people, or it can affect on the way they act. Though you may not have considered this, certain foods can alter some people – often negatively. God made food as a pleasant blessing for sustaining life on this earth, but you can’t take this too far and let it change your whole persona. A little child can blossom into an angel when she fills her hungry stomach – or turn grouchy monster when her tummy is empty. If you want to perform properly for God, you must fuel your body with the right things and avoid those foods that have unsavory effects on you. God did not make the body to survive without food – but be healthy and wise in your eating decisions, because this honors the Lord.

A Prayer for Today

God, I want to thank You today for my daily bread. My prayer is to learn to use food properly and wisely to be at my best for You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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