My Journey Toward A New Life

Okay, I’m just going to put a few sites I think everyone should check out on my post today.  Have fun!!  * just added 7/20 you’ve got to check this site out!!  ** check this site out! (i know this isn’t a “health related” site, but you may be able to find some valuable coupons!)

I know I have a few more laying around here somewhere but I want to get this posted so hopefully the next time you visit I have this list updated.  If you have some good sites, please list them in the comments section!

God bless! ^i^


2 thoughts on “My Journey Toward A New Life

  1. I love OH and the people, I am so happy that you told me about it! I tell everyone I can to go there – even people that aren’t interested in weight loss surgery, there’s really something for anyone interested in being healthier and living a better life. God Bless You!!!

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