Prayer for Doris

Please join me in prayer for a dear friend of mine, Doris, who is having a medical procedure tomorrow.  She has been having a rough time physically and really needs God’s healing touch in her body as well as her spirit.  Doris has such a kind and giving heart and always thinks of others before herself so she would never ask to be placed on our prayer list even though she prayers over those on our list every day.  Since we are called to pray unceasing for one another and to lift each other up, and knowing there is power in prayer when 2 or more are gathered I am asking everyone to join me in asking God to remove any and all ailments from her body and to give her spirit boundless joy so that her testimony will be an awesome witness to the power of Jesus Christ!  Lord, Your Word is manifest in Doris’ body, causing growths to disappear.  Father, Thank You that she has a strong heart and it beats with the rhythm of life.  Her blood flows to every cell of her body restoring life and health abundantly.  (Prov. 12:14, 13:30, Mark 11:23)  God bless you all and take care.


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