My Journey Toward A New Life

Okay, I promised to post pictures and believe me I can only do this because of Jesus Christ who strengthens me. My intent is to post a new picture and my weight at least once a month in the same outfit each time.  (i didn’t wear the black outfit pre-op because frankly the top was too tight and I didn’t feel like fussing around with clothes at that time. )  I am also going to have an actual page for my pictures so that you can just browse the page rather than have to look at each individual posting.  Well, here goes – – be gentle!

These pictures were taken June 20th the day before my surgery.  I was about 350lbs here. 

summer-015-240-x-320.jpg       summer-016-240-x-320.jpg

Now this next set of pictures were taken on June 28h, 1 week post op and I honestly do not know how much I weighed here because my bathroom scale does not go above 330lbs.  I will say that everyone said my face was thinner and I had definitely lost some weight.  I really couldn’t tell at first but one day I noticed it was getting easier to reach certain areas than before.  I will say that I weighed myself in the hospital and was down to 349lbs at one point, but when they had to put me back on the IV, I started to put water weight on.  Oh yeah, my husband says, pay no attention to messy room! Oops, my bad!

summer-018-240-x-320.jpg       summer-019-240-x-320.jpg


So, I know it doesn’t look like much now, but as time goes by it will be really cool to watch the transition. I decided to post the pictures in my About Me page.

2 thoughts on “My Journey Toward A New Life

  1. thank so much. believe me, my pride and vanity had to take a back seat, i decided if i was going to do this, i had to go all the way and thankfully through Jesus’ help, i can do it.
    you crack me up – blog stalker! love ya, briggitte

  2. I have to tell you. You are a brave woman. You are chasing after a dream and a vision that God has placed in your heart.

    I also fear that I am becoming your blog stalker, so I’m going to have to wait a few hours before I comment on another blog 🙂


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