Jehovah Nissi – The Lord Our Banner

What do you think The Lord Our Banner represents?  What does it mean to you?  What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of God as Jehovah Nissi?  Until I studied the Word, I had no true understanding of The Lord Our Banner aside from knowing that God was always right there with me.  As I did further reading and research I was directed to Exodus 17:15 with the reference that it declares God on the battlefield as lifting us up.  If you read Chapter 17 in Exodus, it tells how the people after leaving Egypt are thirsty and want Moses to bring forth water.  Moses, never really feeling he was the one who should have led them out of bondage or be the one the people looked to, wanted the people to seek God for their provisions instead of always making Moses go before God.  Moses knew by faith that God had brought them that far and had made provisions for them throughout their days.  He wanted the people to have and understand the same faith that he had, have access to God the same as he did, to hear Him and speak with Him just as he did.  He felt the people were simply testing God, blaming and using Moses to do it but he wanted no part of it.  Not knowing what else to do, Moses cried out to God and asked Him what to do as he feared the crowds would stone him and God told him to take his staff and strike the rock and that He would go before Moses and stand with him at the rock.  You could say that the people at that moment were the enemy to Moses and that the land between them and the rock was his battlefield.  He knew the people were angry and ready to kill him if necessary so trusting God and putting his faith in Him, he went to the rock knowing that no harm would come to him because God was with him, and that God went before him to prepare the way for him.   When I think of a banner I think of a big sign or flag waving on display for all to see.  For example, in a parade you will see people carrying a large banner with the name of their group on it so that everyone knows who is following them.  However in the case of Exodus 17, God went before Moses as his banner so that the people knew who Moses was following and who was leading him!  In this instance, The Banner is more important than what is following it.  If we follow God, let Him be our banner, and carry Him before us at all times, He will direct our paths, He will make a way for us, He will lead us on the battlefield and He will stand with us always!


10 thoughts on “Jehovah Nissi – The Lord Our Banner

  1. I have to say thank you. The understanding that I needed was made plain for me to become closer to my Heavenly Father, my Abba, my Daddy. Thank you. I will sign up for this blog. I don’t want to miss out on anything that is going to help me with my walk with Christ and a deeper relationship with my Father. Thank you

  2. Dearest Pastor,
    I greet you in Jesus name,I am Pastor Augustin Omana of Burundi Africa,I am so glad to see your message of hope and Powerfull anointing in your website ,Thank so much and our Jesus bless you.I want to open your ministries here in our country Burundi,because I was very Interrested with your ministries.Please i want to know more information about you and your ministries.
    Many blessings
    Pastor Augustin Omana
    C/O Okalo Boniface
    P.O Box 7262

  3. Dear Vanessa, thank you and God bless you for letting me know that you found value and understanding in this post, I felt God leading me as this was written so all the credit and glory go to Him. take care and I hope you stop by and visit again and if you have any suggestions for future posts, please stop by my feedback page and let me know. In the name of Yeshua, peace be with you.

  4. thank you for this, i never really understood
    what Banner meant in reference to God but now
    i have a better understanding thanks to this

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