Things to think upon

If you could have whatever your heart desired, what would it be? 

Do you have goals that have been put on the shelf for one reason or another?  What would it take to accomplish them?

If you could have whatever job you wanted, what would it be?

What does your dream home look like?

Would you change anything about yourself?  If so, what would it be?

Is there something about your health or physical being you wish you could change?

Are you financially fit / secure?

Do you have a deep personal relationship with God and His Son?

Have you received the Holy Spirit?

Are you happy?

What obstacles are keeping you from having all of your needs met, living the best life and being the best you can be?  What would it take to overcome or remove those obstacles?


Please pray with me for a sister in Christ.  Christina has suffered and overcome many obstacles over the years.  Though she is small in stature, her heart, determination and faith in Christ are giant-like.  Christina’s doctors are recommending that she leave work on disability because of the effects on her body from Fibromyalgia, however Christina wants to continue working.  Join me in asking God to give her victory over this disease and the strength to face each day.  When two or more come together agreeing on a thing, there is power, and Jesus told us we are already healed, we just need to receive it, believe it and stand on the word of God.

I’m Still Here!

I know I haven’t put up a post in some time, and I haven’t been keeping in touch with my friends and for that I truly apologize.  Now let me say this, God answers prayer!!  My husband went into the hospitial for surgery shortly after my last post and things have been hectic to say the least.  Thanks to everyone that lifted up our family in prayer during this trial.  We are finally starting to get back to our normal routine and my husband is doing great!  He gets stronger every day and in a few more weeks he’ll be able to drive again!  He’s doing much better than expected, Praise God!!  We have a lot to be thankful for.  My son Justin has been home since the surgery and I am so happy.  I don’t know what I would have done if he wasn’t here for us.  He took me to the hospital every day, made sure Tylar was getting to and from school, kept the house in order and made sure we ate!  He also spent 2 days sanding and painting my bathroom (it looks bebeautiful!), power-washed the house, the car, cleaned up the front lawn, and lots lots more.  I am so blessed, there are no words to express how I feel.  God is truly working His miracle in our lives.  I have been trying to get approved for Bariatric surgery through my insurance company but have been turned down.  When I had no other options I decided to get an attorney and just before I submitted the paperwork and payment to the lawyer, my insurance company sent me a letter stating they overturned their decision and approved me.  That my friend was nothing but the Power of God!!!  God makes a way and HIS decision is the final word, not man’s!!!  Please continue to lift my family up in prayer as I am scheduled for surgery June 28th.  I am excited and nervous and have put myself completely in God’s hands because I know I am nothing and can do nothing without Him for if my God is for me, no one can be against me!