April 16th “Do this in remembrance of Me”

There were a lot of preparations for the passover meal on the evening that Jesus was arrested.  Jesus made all the arrangements and appointed his disciples to gather what was needed in addition to the location the meal would take place.  He orchestrated everything down to the smallest detail and the passover meal began with Jesus washing the feet of His disciples.

Matthew, Mark and Luke each tell of when Jesus took the bread, and gave thanks to God.  This bread was His body which would be given for us.  He told them to take it, and eat it; in remembrance of Him.  He then took the wine and gave thanks to God.  This was his blood; the new covenant which would be shed (poured out) for us.  He told them to drink it; in remembrance of Him. 

Jesus wasn’t asking them to give thanks to God and remember Him for that meal alone.  He was instructing them to give thanks to God every time they broke bread and to also remember Him.  As believers, we too are disciples of Christ and thus we are compelled to follow His instruction when we break bread.

This act of remembrance has taken on many forms throughout the centuries; as a child I was taught to say, “God is  great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food, Amen.”  Over the years I have taught my children to bless their food, give thanks to God, and I allow to them say their own special blessing.  Today when I break bread alone or with family and friends, I ask who would like to say the blessing and if I am in the company of others who do not observe this sacrament, I silently give thanks. 

I must say that I have noticed several “Christian” friends and acquaintances who do not give thanks unless it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter.  I used to wonder why more Christians did not observe the sacrament, or why they appeared to be uncomfortable giving thanks when in public and then it hit me; they were embarrassed to proclaim their beliefs in public!!!  We should NEVER be ashamed or embarrassed to show our faith in public.  Jesus said, “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, so shall the Son of man be ashamed of them when He comes in His Father’s glory.” Mark 8:38

When you give thanks, it can be as short or long as you need it to be.  Your only requirement is to give thanks to God in remembrance of His Son, Jesus Christ each time you eat or drink.

God Bless.


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