April 15th

How much power do your words carry?   Have you ever said something that you felt had an impact on those who heard it?  Do you think that you affect others by your words?  Do you think you affect yourself by your words?  I wanted to give you an excerpt from “God’s Creative Power for Healing”, by Charles Capps, to show you the effect of words.

The following was taken from an article in Readers Digest, 1991 entitled “Patient Knows Best”:

“A person’s answer to the question, ‘Is your health excellent, good, fair or poor?’ is a remarkable predictor of who will live or die over the next four years according to new findings.”

A study of more than 2,899 men and women 65 or older found that those who rate their health ‘poor’ are four to five times more likely to die in the next four years than those who rate their health ‘excellent.’ This was the case even if examinations show the respondents to be in comparable health.

These findings are supported by a review of five other large studies, totalling 23,000 people which reached similar conclusions, according to Ellen Idler, a sociologist at Rutgers University, and epidemiologist Stanisav Kasl of Yale University School of Medicine, co-authors of the new study.

People that have an image of themselves being in poor health will talk about poor health  Even though they may in good health, they seem to  live out the reality of the image they have of themselves even unto death.  This would confirm Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”


One thought on “April 15th

  1. I love your prayer blog prayer is so need everyday I will read you blog when for encouragement and if im in low spirits. Keep up the great work your doing I will gladly share your blog with every one .

    Have a bless filled day

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