April 5th – Is once enough?

I have a question that I would like to hear your opinion on. 

How often or how long should one pray, when asking God for something? 

The “something” can be for healing in your body, deliverance from an addiction, finding your soul mate, approval for a loan, buying a house, good grades in school, financial blessing, salvation for a loved one, anything that one would pray about. 

I hope to hear from everyone as this is something that I have questioned and debated with friends and mentors.



4 thoughts on “April 5th – Is once enough?

  1. OK. I’ve been thinking about this for the past two days.

    There are some things that require continual prayer, such as prayer for the salvation of a particular community, individual, etc. These kind of prayers are a discipline of sorts…bringing your request to God and, over time, having prayer become your “knee-jerk” reaction to circumstances.

    But there is a point when even God tells us to stop praying about it. I believe it is in Jeremiah where God tells Jeremiah not to waste his prayers any longer on a certain group of people.

    Use discernment. Know when God wants you to press through and when He wants you to be still and know that He is God and that He is in control.

  2. Once again this is only my two cents worth on this…But for me, God answers prayers diffently…There are times when I have had a burning bush outside my window, but there have been times that He has used other people around me to show His divine answer…there have also been times when circumstances in my life have given me some “wisdom” as it applies to answered prayers….

    For me, James 1:5-6 is how I approach prayer…I honestly believe that when we approach the Throne of God seeking wisdom, He will help us discern those things that we truly pray about…our desires become His desires….

    I hope that made some sense…come vist my “insane” site anytime….


  3. Hey chill, thanks for your take… I really appreciate the feedback. So let me ask you this, without looking for a number, do you feel you should pray continuously until your prayer is answered? Or is there a point where you let go of the prayer to let your faith take over?

    By the way, I truly love your site. I read through your posts for the week, they are great. I was especially blessed by your post from today. Thank you, and may God richly bless you, your family and your ministry.


  4. alright, here’s my take…I don’t think that their is a magic number on how many times you should pray…To me, the longer and deeper you know The Holy Spirit, you have a feeling deep in your gut when God answers your prayer…

    don’t be afraid to keep seeking…Matthew 7 addresses this….



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