An Urgent Request

** I received this prayer request today through a friend so I am posting it for them.**    

Briggitte and friends, please pray for a dear friend of mine.  Someone close to her has turned their face from God.  He knows the healing power of God for he was healed from a terminal illness.  He is married with children and in need of employment.   He is under extreme stress which is clouding his heart and mind for he blames God for all suffering.  Pray that God watches over his family while he is struggling with his faith.  Ask God to put people in his path that can help him find his way back to God and realize that we serve a loving God who will never leave us or forsake us.  Bring the story of Job to his remembrance and see that as God restored all to Job, (Job 42)so will He restore him.  Let him see that as David wrote in Psalm 23, that while we walk through the valley, God is with us, and we do not stay in the valley – we walk THROUGH it.  Let him cry out to God and then listen to Him, for Isaiah 65:24 says that God hears us and knows what we need before we even speak.  Thank you for your faithfulness as you pray for those in need, I prefer to remain Anonymous.


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