Jehovah Rapha – The Lord our Healer

bib111.jpgJehovah Rapha – The Lord our Healer heals all our troubles.  He heals all our sicknesses, and He heals our souls.

We tend to associate healing with the physical body.  When someone asks you to pray for them, they usually ask for physical healing.  Yes, God heals our bodies.  He can heal miraculously through His Divine nature, or He can heal through doctors and modern medicine.  God also bestows the gift of healing onto certain people, usually called faith healers.  Healing can be in an instant, or over a period of time.  One thing we can be certain of is that God in His wisdom and mercy performs His  healing to perfection.  God also heals our troubles.  He wants us to take our problems to him, whether they be financial, emotional, or our relationships.  God also heals our souls.  We are not just flesh.  We are made up of three parts.  We have a mind, a body and a soul.  God wants us to be whole, complete and unless each part of our being is not aligned properly, we cannot function properly.  God wants us to have health, joy and peace.

“When Jesus came into Peter’s house, he saw Peter’s mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever.  He touched  her hand and the fever left her, and she got up and began to wait on him. When evening came, many who were demon-possessed were brought to him, and he drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick. This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: “He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases.”  Matt. 8:14-14

It was God who brought Israel to Marah.  He brought them here to teach them and to make Himself known to them, and to teach us and make Himself known to us.  (I Cor.10:11) as Jehovah-Rapha – ‘the Lord that healeth thee” (Ex. 15:25-26).

Psalms 30:2  “Oh Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.”

“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Prov. 12:18


93 thoughts on “Jehovah Rapha – The Lord our Healer

  1. Jehovah Rapha – The Lord our Healer – There is Power in Prayer through Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach!
    I looked up the Hebrew name for God as Healer this morning because my mouth needed healing. Little did I know the news I would get later this evening about my dear old friend Catherine, Lord. Heal her I pray Jehovah-Rapha!!! Amen

  2. Please pray for me,Jehovah Rapha,Lord almighty to heal me of my excruciating pain i have which i got in my prostate as a result of infection.In Jesus name i have received healing ,Amen

  3. Church of satan have just been back on complaining I condemed them publicly. I certainly did this. They did locke m up drug and abuse me, keep saying my illness was an act and have now paralysed my swallowing abilities using end of world mind control to try and lock up and drug me again. They were continually told to crucify me upside down as Peter but won’t. Jehovah Rapha ONE MOST HIGH and Jesus Christ will you please either heal me or let us settle this soon outside?

  4. Unfortunately, i’ve just had another ignoramus comment from the targeting group. The Higher the Fewer the Fewer the Higher only ONE Jehovah and HIs Witness JEsus can be most HIgh. I’ll say it again let the ones doing this take a real steel blade to me before God and i’ll take one back to them. I said it to Jehovah at a pillar of stone I built for Him. Jehovah I pray please let it be so. Let us have an end to it with no sickness or imprisonment.

  5. PLS PRAY FOR ME, I THINK i always get depressed, and pls pray that every sickness in my body should get out of my body in jesus name,that jehova rapha should heal me from every swolen lymph nodes

  6. Unfortunately the satan has removed part of the human energy in my stomach replaced it with something else. If Jehova Rapha is truely One above the power of the satan then may I cast it out and remove what they have put inside me and the satan crucify me upside down or take a blade to me.

  7. All those who wrote about wanting healing. Please go to youtube and watch pastor Kenneth e hagin on how to get healing in Jesus name. It really works. There are many videos. The more u watch the more u learn.

  8. Unfortunately I seem to have been affected by an entity/entities that are making my body’s energy ill and are constantly abusing me. Jesus had the power to cast out demons through His Father. I pray that He drives them away, removes their energy from my body so that I am single, and purifies my body, mind and spirit from them.

    1. Please pray for my husband Calvin Anthony Forde he is to undergo pulmonary endarterectomy operation on Thursday 21 November 2013. I believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and still has power to save and heal.

  9. Please pray healing over my husband, his name is Robert. The Dr. found a mass on his right kidney. Please pray for complete healing 🙂
    Thank you ,
    Brothers &Sisters

  10. My younger brother is admitted in the hsptl rite now for he is having a mental disorder since 3weeks ago. I pray that God will heal him according to His plan. May Lord mercy comes upon him and His Holy Spirit whisper to his heart,so that he himself could see there is only one way, That is only in Jesus!- amen!
    (dear webpage owner pls help me and my fmly to pray fir my brother.tqvm!)

  11. Best of luck to everyone on the site. I hope that Jehova Rapha (very blessed) heals you all or at least gives you peace and comfort. Unfortunately i’m kind of ill myself, i can’t eat, am losing weight and i keep getting stomach and bowel cramps.

  12. Hello friends,
    I happened upon this site while looking up the meaning of
    Jehovah Rapha…So beautiful! The God of Healing!

    I’ve read several of your prayer requests and the support you give to one another thru Papa God… so much love!
    So, here I am asking for prayer as well…
    I’ve had problems w/addictions my entire life; i’m now 61… A few years back I was doing really well then, I fell and my kneecap was broken into 6 pieces… After 3 surgeries, my knee is doing quite well, but, it kicked up my addiction to pain medications..
    It’s been 3 years since the accident and I am still dealing w/this addiction and well as a food addiction…
    I’ve learned that the roots of any addictions are the same; an unloving spirit… unloving of self..
    I ask for prayer that my addictions will CEASE in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I cannot do this by myself!
    I KNOW w/God’s help I will come out of this once and for all!!
    I pray for the will and strength to make the right choices and not choose things that separate me from My Papa, from people and from myself.. I know He loves me, tho i’m not worthy and He wants me to beat this…
    Please pray that I can be healed In Jesus’ name so I can be of more use to my fellow man and my new grandaughter, through God.
    thank you so much for listening,

    1. Dear friend in Christ,

      the first step to overcoming any obstacle is acknowledging it – the next is to speak to it and declare that it has no hold over you, then stand in faith. I know that it’s not an easy task for us, we are only humans, but we do have an all power God who knows and sees our struggle. You will have good days and not so good days, but continue to stand in faith and speak to that addiction – out loud, and tell it that it has no power over you, you are a child of God, the blood of Jesus runs through your veins, you have His Word, it brings life and healing to those who believe in, and accept Jesus as their Savior, cast that spirit of temptation back to the pit of hell where it came from in the mighty, matchless, and powerful name of Jesus, Yeshua Ha’Maschiach. The Lord is your strength, He will carry your burdens.

      1. Thank you so much for your loving letter…
        I actually printed it out to remind myself to Speak to the Addiction!
        Telling it to go back to the pit of hell where it came from in Jesus’ name!
        Because Addiction is truly from the pit of hell!
        Thanks again and Blessings to you!

      2. I am responding to that special person who has an addiction problem. Hi, I know how it is to be addicted and want to come off it. After being a smoler for over ten years, two months ago I was in my bthrm. I sad “God help me to stop smoking”. .i told e cigarette in my hand “im smoking you for the last time”. As I pulled the smoke, I couughed s bad. That was my cue. I never smoked again, in fact I never craved the smoke again. Praise God. A week later, my fiancee stopped smoking tooo. This is a breakthrough. We thank God who is also healing our bodies and our lungs too. Amen. Viva JEHOVA RAPHA.

    2. Hello Felice. I just read your post and I am hoping your addition is healed. I know it has been awhile but God is timeless and I shall pray that your answer is yes. You’ve got the puzzle to the cure all in place. Admittance the sin is #1 and replacing the demon with prayer is #2. Step #3 is very important. Seems you have love around you. Seeing that love is the greatest of all things, let this replace your demons. Jesus is awesome!

      1. HELLO FRIEND,
        there are different kinds of addition, you can stop the negative through Jehovah our Rapha, he has healed already just accept it as it is written in the word, refuse to see the circumstance accept the desired result. Think of something positive you love it could be an activity and replace with the negative addition. The Lord is your Strengthener

  13. Please pray for my brother In-law, Roy for he went into the hospital do to gangrene on his foot which the docs had to take and the very next had to go back a nd his leg. He stated looking better except for was some ergular heat beats but docs took him back to surgery anyways to close the leg when his heart stopped befor they even started, he was down for 25min before they got him back but do to lack of oxygen he had strokes in both sides of his brain. so now he is in a vegetated state. The docs is telling us to give up on him and pull the plug. Please we can’t give up my son needs him, my son has been sick since the day he was born and his uncle roy has been there for him, I con’t tell my son his uncle will not be around any more his will just break his heart.

  14. In 2004 I fell sick to the point of death. But one the Lord visited and said “Mark I will heal you”. I was healed and up to now I am healed. Praise be unto my Jehova Rapha!

  15. Please pray for my mom,,,,The doctors diagnosed her with colon cancer and it spread to her liver,,,the doctors said that there is nothing that they can do for her,,,Her name is Heather Hockey she is 53 years old,,,i need all of you to please stand in agreement with me that God through the almighty name of Jesus Christ is going to heal her,,,because God is the Great I AM….Jehovah Rapha,,,,,King of Kings.

    1. Jesus bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness — by whose stripes you were healed.

      1. I pray for all those on this site, but my problem is different. I have been targeted by the satan for over 20 years no. They say they have power and try to imprison me every day. I pray that as ST Mathew wrote and Jesus spoke Jehovah will give me the strength to put a blade through the evil one soon.

  16. God is a miracle working God,my brother in law Michael is unwell and in Jesus name God has already healed him,when we trust God and put all our faith in him and depend on him,he will heal us and save us,let’s keep praying for each other and stand by God’s word,let’s keep the faith,in Jesus name Amen.

  17. Dear Catherine
    Be bold, be strong. Our God is a miracle working God. Nothing is impossible with Him.
    In the name of Jesus, you shall receive your miracle. Keep praying until something happens, keep believing.

    You may also find resources at this link useful and you can submit prayer request:


  18. I need some breakthrough.I underwent a surgery to unblock my fallopian tubes but I have not been able to concieve.I desperately need a days are crowded with sorrow with no strength to go on.

  19. I am requesting Prayer for Healing. I was advised that there was disease in my blood and I do not accept this diagnosis. I know God didnt bring me this far to leave me, I know how important the power of prayer is… I am asking that you stand in agreement with me… when two are gathered in his name God is in the midst.
    My prayers are combined with faith, I know that it will unleashes a mighty force.

  20. Please pray for my husband John. He is fighting his 3rd bout of cancer. hodgkins age 19, testicular 39, open heart 42 now lung cancer age 51. Never smoked a day in his life. These are all completely unrelated. The Lord healed him in2000 when I was on a womens retreat. He had a lobectomy and has yet to face the cancer that has spread. Our God is bigger the all of this. So I claim complete healing in the name and through the blood of Jehovah Rapha. Mighty healer. I thank you in advance in Jesus name…

    1. I’m going through my fourth battle with Hodgkins disease. God is a merciful,on,time God. And I know in my heart that He will heal your husband. Rebuke that disease in the name of Jesus and never acknowledge that disease. You guys are in my prayers. Hope and believe in the Lord and any and everything will be possible! god bless you

  21. I am requesting a prayer for my father Joe C. De La Fuente Jr. He is in the hospital right now on a ventilator, due to pneumonia. he will be taken off the machine tomorrow to see how he breathes on his own. Holy Father I ask that you please lay your hands on him, and heal him. I pray to you, because I know you are the light and the way. I accept you as my Lord and Savior, and I say UNTO YOU JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! Jehovah Rapa I put him in your merciful hand, and in Jesus’ sacred name I pray AMEN!

  22. Goodmorning, nice sharing this with u. I had a spiritual attack that almost killed me, but God has sustain me till date. My heart and other parts of me has been affected. Please pray that Jehovah Rapha bring my health to perfection so that I can go back to school. I really trust Him. Thank you!

  23. Please pray for me as well, my doctor told me my platelets are low and now I’m having pain and inflamed feeling in my left side of stomach. I always feel weak and not all there. I l love my Lord with all mind body and soul. I saw Him heal my mom from ovarian cancer this year when the docs say to her she was terminal. Pray with me that He restores my health so I can raise our 4 yr boy and 2 yr girl, they are my two heart beats.

    1. Hello LilyAnna,

      Rest assured of my prayers. Just hold on to our Jehovah Rapha, our healer. God is good and merciful, I know that He will restore you to health for your kids sake.

      God bless.

      Honora Dulce S. Cortes

  24. In the name of Jesus every thing is possible. God is able to do more than we can think of imagine according to his riches in Christ Jesus. You just believe and claim it. He has cured million before and He can do again. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.He is Jehovah Rapha.

  25. Please pray for my Pastor as he is going thru cancer treatments, here is a post from FB today by his wife:

    “Jan’s white blood count is dangerously low. The doctor explained today that Jan is far more sensitive to the chemo than the doctor expected. Jan is being given shots to counter the low count problem that will probably mean that he will face MORE flu-like symptoms. Go figure! Tough day!
    Prayers are appreciated!”

    Thank you,


  26. May your health be restored by the healing power of Jehovah Rapha, and by the blood of Jesus our savior, the son of living God! May the miracle of his blood heal you, purify your health and sustain you back to healthy prosperous life. Thank God for this opportunity he has given me to be a blessing to you. In Jesus name I pray for you and with you. Stay blessed Majela.

  27. Friends please pray for my 5 year old neice she has started chemo for leukemia. we are praying that jehovah rapha strengthens, restores her blood count to normal and complete healing upon her body. We trust you lord for it is written once we pray with belief it shall be done. Thanks

  28. I pray that you stand in agreement w/ me for the healing of diseases in my body..Lord, I pray and claim that by your stripes I am healed and you will cleanse my body from all sickness and diseases in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

  29. Last week, I was diagnosed to have Polycystic Kidney Disease. It is a kidney disorder passed down through families in which multiple cysts form on the kidneys. So if one parent carries the gene, the children have a 50% chance of developing the disorder. The exact action that triggers cyst formation is unknown. Currently, no treatment can prevent the cysts from forming or enlarging. The goal of treatment right now is to control symptoms and prevent complications. This include low salt/no fat diet….oh, there goes my favorites.

    I still don’t know from which side of the family (Santos/Vasquez) has this history. The earlier detected the better.

    Science says, it has no treatment. But my God is a loving God. He is indeed a healing God. He is my Jehovah Rapha – He heals all my troubles, all my sickness, and He heals my soul. Isn’t He is an awesome God!

  30. Sweet Precious Jennifer….Child of the living God who is the same yesterday , today and forever…..Know that it is ALWAYS his will to heal us. You need to eat, breath, live, and proclaim the WORD over your life. He wil never leave us nor forsake us. Do NOT lose your hope or your faith! I agree with you you for a mighty healing and a good report. Know that The Lord our God has the final say.

    In Jesus name, Michelle

  31. Please pray that my results are negative on Monday. I am a 3 time cancer survivor and I pray to be cancer free for the rest of my life. I ask Jehova OUR Lord that if it’s in his will, that He will free me from all diseases!

  32. Hi Please pray for me to recieve a complete healing i was sick since aug 2010 till now but i’m far better than before, but the problem now is that i dont have appetite i have lost wait & i cant smell some of the things and my tastes buds are not 100% & a slo have a chest pain since december 7 it doesnt wanna go away i even went to the doctor but still

  33. Hi, I am seeking God’s power to touch me in all aspects of life. I want to have a gratifying life and free of physical illness and emotional blockages.
    I ask Jehovah our LORD to be merciful on me and guide me with his counsel and cover me with his fire of protection. There is no one like our God, He is Almighty and All powerfull. All the Glory be to Him, our Father God.

  34. Jehovah Rapha, I petition your prayers for my niece Minday Mae who is undergoing brain surgery this morning at Brighams Women’s Hospital in Bsston, I claim, believe and receiver that you will guide the surgeons hands and decisions and give the family peace as they wait. I rebuke any complications and pray for a speedy recovery. Thank you for all you are going to do through this proceodure and we will give you all the glory . In Jesus Precious Name, Amen

  35. I am requesting prayer for my friend Nidz who as a breast cancer stage b3. for complete healing.. that she will be a living testimony of God’s grace. We are believing God he’s in control and He is the Jehovah Rapha. thanks and God bless you all!!! jeng

  36. Shalom Pray for me and my stephfather CJE and that the taxes will helping us .Also with ouer paymenrs we need people . Pray for my singing carrier and contineu peace in my marriage and also for my sister MGp and her grand child who wanted to live with me and my wife he is rejected. Shalom

  37. I am requesting prayer for my husband Scott who has stage 4 renal cancer that has moved to his lungs. We are believing God for healing no matter what the signs look like. Thank you so much.

  38. Please pray the 7-year old and only child of my friend. Gabriel Marie who has been diagnosed with Brain tumor and the doctor said it is incurable. She is very smart, active and god fearing kid. I believe she can get a miracle from GOD. But whatever plan of GOD with Gabriel. I also asking to pray her parent to understand and accept what is GOD plan for them.

  39. Dear Pastor,

    Re: Financial Miracle /Breakthrough – Debts

    I am physically challenged with a debt of 25 k and the deadline to settle the amount is on the 31st October 09, I am unable to settle the amount due to some blockages and hindrances to the renovation and sale of my apartment. There are some undesirable elements working against me from renovating and selling the apartment.
    Please pray that the Creditor (Yearn) a Christian, will not cause me any trouble or take up a lawsuit against me. He has already threatened me to settle the payment in full by Oct end. Please pray that I will be able to raise funds to do a renovation of my 24 year old apartment. I do need a miracle/ breakthrough in this area.
    I am indeed worried and have sleepless nights as the deadline is nearing its end.
    Thank you for your kind intercession. God bless you, family and Ministries richly!

    In His Love
    (Single mom)

    1. i will pray for you, but if you are looking for Joel Osteen, visit his website at know that God is in control and take all things to Him in prayer and thanksgiving. as for sleepless nights, I too have suffered with those and I was watching Kenneth Copeland one night and he said that too suffered with restless nights and lack of sleep, and one night he decided to tell satan that he had no power or control over him, that God was in control and so he gave all his cares over to God, asked Him to bless him with peace and sleep, then went to bed! take care and God bless you

  40. Please pray for my cousin Nita who has four small children. She was in a car accident and has several broken bones and brain damage. Doctors are saying no, but God is Able to say YES! We are praying for a total healing. And for her husband to be able to trust God with us that HE will do what HE has promised us.

    1. Dear Francina,
      May His peace that surpasses all understanding be with you and your cousin and her family and may God place His angels around them in the name of Jesus and our Most High God.

  41. Dear Susan, I strongly urge to you either search my site and find Dodie Osteen’s prayers or search the web and find them and give them to your sister to speak aloud daily. I also highly recommend God’s Creative Power for Healing by Charles Capps. Prayer is so important because of the power of our words. When our prayers are combined with faith, it unleashes a mighty force. I will stand in prayer with you for your sister.

    Father God, Master and Creator of the Universe, of all that is seen and unseen, I stand before you today and ask that you look upon your daughter Gloria. Jehovah Rophe, You know her need for healing, and You know the plans You have for her. Father, if it is in Your will, we come before you and ask for healing in her body. Lord, we bind any germ, illness, disease, virus and cancer in her body. We speak healing to her organs, tissues, cells, bones and blood. Jesus, Your blood flows through Gloria and it brings life and healing throughout her body. Father, Your Word says that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven, so we bind the enemy and the sickness in Gloria’s body and cast it into the lake of fire. We ask all these things in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

  42. Please pray for my sister, Gloria who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian/Cervical Cancer. It has spread throughout her organs and she desperately needs your prayers. Grant her healing powers so she can be cured.

  43. Dearest Bishop,
    Greetings in jesus name,i’m so very happy to writing this message by grace of God,i’m so very interrested with your ministry and your school of discipleship,i’m pastor of KINGDOM LIFE CHURCH in Burundi AFRICA,Please can you tell me more information about your Ministry and your school?.Because we are so very happy to invite your ministries and your school here in our country Burundi,you are so welcome in jesus name.
    Many blessings
    Kingdom Life Church
    Pastor Augustin H.Omana
    BURUNDI and Republic Democratic of Congo

    1. i pray that GOD gives you peace while waiting on the manisfestation of healing for your precious raphael. GOD is well able and willling to heal.In the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST who has given believers authority on earth over all sickness and diseases, we cancel this blood disease in raphael. the POWER OF CHRIST compels you demon of blood disease to leave. We bless your name FATHER and we thank you for the BLOOD of YOUR SON JESUS CHRIST.

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